『Gochamaze Greatest Gigapack』

On lunes, 2 de octubre de 2017 1 Comment

This time it has been released Gochamaze Greatest Gigapack, organized by stepdwi. On this occasion I was saving to upload my pack that will surely be the last, since some person does not support me :v, so I could contribute a lot of songs since the requests asked me for 3 levels, but I would have done more, for I'm soon joining it for the last one I'll post much later this year. I hope the time is enough. As I am playing LLSIF, I do not have enough time for events and work, sometimes I find myself playing other small games and I'm not much in stepmania anymore.
In case I want to add in LLSIF I leave my ID, add me XD:
JP: 878430967
EN: 125845496

My contribution:

List songs:

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  1. Me pregunto quien es la persona que no te apoya mucho lol


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