This time it has been released THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS STEPMANIA PROJECT Vol.1, organized by barry. I was short of time, so the next package can archive something more. My contribution was 11 songs, which I really like its rhythm.

It took me some time to cut the audios of the singles, sometimes I was wrong in small details. The good thing is that it was done successfully.
Thanks for your visit. More details here

DWI No.012 『outsider (GS2 Version)』

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ミラクル!ぽーたぶる☆ミッション (n3pu J-CORE Remix)
 DWI:  [DWI No.012] 
 TITLE:  outsider (GS2 Version)
 ARTIST:  串伊トモミ
 SOURCE:  ガンスリンガー・ストラトス 1&2 Original Soundtrack
 TIME:  3:27
 BPM:  135~140
 LEVEL: 鬼13
 DATE: 【13/08/2016】

ミラクル!ぽーたぶる☆ミッション (n3pu J-CORE Remix)
 DWI:  [DWI No.011] 
 TITLE:  ミラクル!ぽーたぶる☆ミッション (n3pu J-CORE Remix)
 ARTIST:  nao
 SOURCE:  超次次元ゲイム ネプテューヌRe;Birth1
 TIME:  4:35
 BPM:  185
 LEVEL: 鬼18
 DATE: 【01/06/2016】

Isolation Megapack Vol. 2

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Isolation Megapack Vol. 2
Isolation Megapack Vol 2

Song List:
Isolation Megapack Vol 2

Video List:

DOWNLOAD: parte 1 parte 2
There was a slight delay with date, some songs did not reach completion and other shortage of banners and background. enjoy this new pack and ¡until next time!
Some songs are in my youtube channel, I look forward to your support

Isolation Megapack Vol. 2
Authors: 2
Songs: 133
Release Date: 16/02/2016

[MsMely] and [ikz14]

 DWI:  [MsMely DWI No.084] 
 TITLE:  明日を嗚らせ
 ARTIST:  シシド・カフカ
 ANIME:  フェアリーテイル ZERØ OP
 TIME:  1:30
 BPM:  167
 LEVEL:   激8 / 鬼11
 DATE: 【09/02/2016】


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 DWI:  [MsMely DWI No.083] 
 ARTIST:  小林竜之、鈴木このみ
 ANIME:  フェアリーテイル OP20
 TIME:  1:30
 BPM:  178
 LEVEL:   習13 / 激8 / 鬼10
 DATE: 【29/07/2015】

Blade of Hope (Another ver.)
 DWI:  [MsMely DWI No.082] 
 TITLE:  Blade of Hope (Another ver.)
 ARTIST:  sweet ARMS
 ANIME:  新妹魔王の契約者(テスタメント) OP
 TIME:  1:31
 BPM:  188
 LEVEL:   踊6 / 激9 / 鬼11
 DATE: 【28/06/2015】

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