EDMSPACK The best Kawaiiii Anime pack

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Author: Steven

My passion:

Stepmania, Anime !

My competence on create simfile: 

Very good :)

Why i create Edmspack ?

Its a pretty big question…


Edms pack is the first name the pack receive at first time.

I have create a lot of bad simfile before edms a1 before to start this kawaii paku (pack) :3

I have create this pack because my ‘‘Stepfile style” is unique.. (And i continue to upgrade that all the time x))

You dont see that in other simfile..

And i love HD video quality.. and not all pack offer that..

I have created this pack for you and for me :3

I put all advantage i think you need to have for a pack in Stepmania (A lot of  choice in the quality , fast download, preview, download video, audio…)

and the most good point.. Its free

Enjoy ! :)

What’s my actif online profile name?



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